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This album will contain all the Familiars I've acquired over time. They are a new item introduced with GU103.

Reanimated HandReanimated Hand
Gaggelu PearwoodGaggelu Pearwood
Frostfell Merry KittenFrostfell Merry Kitten
Maran SwineMaran Swine
Coagulated Gelatinous CubeCoagulated Gelatinous Cube
Deadly Terra-WidowDeadly Terra-Widow
Summer BloomSummer Bloom
Spidermech DefenderSpidermech Defender
Aurulent SwarmAurulent Swarm
Dark Root TenderDark Root Tender
Dark Shadow DrakeDark Shadow Drake
Cobalt ConstructCobalt Construct
Hordemother VespidHordemother Vespid
Azure Sky VespidAzure Sky Vespid
Highland GriffinHighland Griffin