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Heroes' Festival for 2010. Held from November 19th - November 30th.

Mintee in Memory of EchoesMintee in Memory of Echoes
Placing a Festive FlamePlacing a Festive Flame
A Qeynos Claymore replica statueA Qeynos Claymore replica statue
Heroes' Festival BandHeroes' Festival Band
A Memory of NothingnessA Memory of Nothingness
A Memory of ScaleA Memory of Scale
A Memory of Echoes: Found ShardA Memory of Echoes: Found Shard
A Memory of Echoes: Minotaur Guardian BattleA Memory of Echoes: Minotaur Guardian Battle
A Memory of Sky: Found ShardA Memory of Sky: Found Shard
A Memory of SkyA Memory of Sky
In Thumore's Dream StateIn Thumore's Dream State
A Sleeping ThumoreA Sleeping Thumore
A Memory of SandA Memory of Sand