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The Summer Celebration Fireworks event is to celebrate the July 4th weekend with a Marketplace sale as well.

Basically, you get this free sparkler from the Marketplace which then lets you do the Fireworks quests in the various cities to get a bunch of different Firework Launchers you can put in your house or guild hall. As of this moment I have 14 launchers LOL. Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July!

Because I take so few images, I've combined the 2011 and 2012 albums into a single one.

Mysstie Wearing Red White and BlueMysstie Wearing Red White and Blue
Video of Mysstie Launching Fireworks for 2012Video of Mysstie Launching Fireworks for 2012
Video of Thairee Launching Fireworks in the Planetarium for 2012Video of Thairee Launching Fireworks in the Planetarium for 2012
Mysstie's Summer Celebration 2011 VideoMysstie's Summer Celebration 2011 Video
Mintee's Summer Celebration Fireworks 2011 VideoMintee's Summer Celebration Fireworks 2011 Video
Fireworks at Mysstie's Manor - 03Fireworks at Mysstie's Manor - 03
Fireworks at Mysstie's Manor - 02Fireworks at Mysstie's Manor - 02
Fireworks at Mysstie's Manor - 01Fireworks at Mysstie's Manor - 01
Summer Celebration Fireworks Calendar - July, 2011Summer Celebration Fireworks Calendar - July, 2011