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Images for this year's Tinkerfest which runs from July 25, 2014 - August 11, 2014. I'll probably only take screenshots of new quests and things. Hopefully I'll remember LOL. :)

Mysstie Earns Bits and Baubles AchievementMysstie Earns Bits and Baubles Achievement
Tinker-Bound History: Mysstie Defeats a Papernado!Tinker-Bound History: Mysstie Defeats a Papernado!
Tinker-Bound History: Mysstie Looking for PagesTinker-Bound History: Mysstie Looking for Pages
Mysstie Places the Contrapticus Slave ConsoleMysstie Places the Contrapticus Slave Console
Friendly Competition - Mysstie's Battleclock Dies a Fiery DeathFriendly Competition - Mysstie's Battleclock Dies a Fiery Death
Mysstie Getting Ready for Tinkerfest 2014!Mysstie Getting Ready for Tinkerfest 2014!