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Paintings that I've purchased or received from various places. These are now sorted with the most recent paintings first.

The Red LordThe Red Lord
Planes of PowerPlanes of Power
Planes of ProphecyPlanes of Prophecy
Ry'Gorr LegacyRy'Gorr Legacy
View of Old FreeportView of Old Freeport
Entering CrushboneEntering Crushbone
The Pinnacle of KnowledgeThe Pinnacle of Knowledge
View of Old QeynosView of Old Qeynos
Karnor's EntranceKarnor's Entrance
View of the TempleView of the Temple
Kunark AscendingKunark Ascending
Watcher for the AllianceWatcher for the Alliance
Son of GrobbSon of Grobb
Wailing DoomWailing Doom
Devilish DelightDevilish Delight