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Paintings that I've purchased or received from various places. These are now sorted with the most recent paintings first.

"Telluric Fury" Painting"Telluric Fury" Painting
Defeated but Never BrokenDefeated but Never Broken
Subjugation of the IksarSubjugation of the Iksar
Blue Tinted Impressionist PaintingBlue Tinted Impressionist Painting
Destroyer of OrdanachDestroyer of Ordanach
Terrors BelowTerrors Below
The Vigilant WatchThe Vigilant Watch
Final Dance of the FeyFinal Dance of the Fey
Altar of Malice on CanvasAltar of Malice on Canvas
Rivervale Conveyance BlueprintsRivervale Conveyance Blueprints
Hidden in the MistsHidden in the Mists
Entering UnrestEntering Unrest
Beasts of Cazic-ThuleBeasts of Cazic-Thule
The Lady of InsurrectionThe Lady of Insurrection
"Buccaneer of Agony" Painting"Buccaneer of Agony" Painting