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Paintings that I've purchased or received from various places. These are now sorted with the most recent paintings first.

Trading with the Far SeasTrading with the Far Seas
My Adventures in the CommonlandsMy Adventures in the Commonlands
Print of the OverlordPrint of the Overlord
Death's DoorstepDeath's Doorstep
Picnic with the DeadPicnic with the Dead
"Voyage of Enlightenment" Painting"Voyage of Enlightenment" Painting
Visage of the ScornedVisage of the Scorned
"Dealer of Death" Painting"Dealer of Death" Painting
Bovoch BeautyBovoch Beauty
Emerging From East CommonlandsEmerging From East Commonlands
Emperor Crush's ThroneEmperor Crush's Throne
The Age of TurmoilThe Age of Turmoil
Kaladim's Ancient GuardianKaladim's Ancient Guardian
"Impetuous Rover" Painting"Impetuous Rover" Painting
"Arabesque" Painting"Arabesque" Painting