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Paintings that I've purchased or received from various places. These are now sorted with the most recent paintings first.

Print of AntoniaPrint of Antonia
Gnoma ObscuraGnoma Obscura
"Antonia Bayle" Painting"Antonia Bayle" Painting
The Tavalan AbyssThe Tavalan Abyss
Glorious GrottoGlorious Grotto
To Beer DrinkingTo Beer Drinking
Celebration, Phoenix Legion StyleCelebration, Phoenix Legion Style
New Halas CamaraderieNew Halas Camaraderie
Welcome! Would You Like A Pint?Welcome! Would You Like A Pint?
Pride of the New CombinePride of the New Combine
Sunset Over Port LivingSunset Over Port Living
Remnants of a Sarnak StrongholdRemnants of a Sarnak Stronghold
Guarding the Foreign QuarterGuarding the Foreign Quarter
To the Forest FloorTo the Forest Floor