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Paintings that I've purchased or received from various places. These are now sorted with the most recent paintings first.

The Dangers of Kael DrakkelThe Dangers of Kael Drakkel
Welcome to Iceclad OceanWelcome to Iceclad Ocean
"Bloodforge Hammer" Painting"Bloodforge Hammer" Painting
Remnants of FeerrottRemnants of Feerrott
Guardian of FlameGuardian of Flame
Remnants of GukRemnants of Guk
Servants of VeeshanServants of Veeshan
"Dragonbrood - The Anarchs" Painting"Dragonbrood - The Anarchs" Painting
Withering ForestWithering Forest
The Eternal BattleThe Eternal Battle
Victory of the DainVictory of the Dain
Otter's RestOtter's Rest
"Malevolence" Painting"Malevolence" Painting
"The Righteous Defender" Painting"The Righteous Defender" Painting
Rivervale RememberedRivervale Remembered