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Paintings that I've purchased or received from various places. These are now sorted with the most recent paintings first.

Nagafen Lord of FlameNagafen Lord of Flame
Mysterious Painting - LadyMysterious Painting - Lady
Mysterious Painting - ManMysterious Painting - Man
Maj'Dul: A Single TearMaj'Dul: A Single Tear
Daughter of the VoidDaughter of the Void
Leviathan UnboundLeviathan Unbound
A Pristine Sackcloth PortraitA Pristine Sackcloth Portrait
A Pristine Oil Painting of a Sea Shore CliffA Pristine Oil Painting of a Sea Shore Cliff
"Taking Flight" Painting"Taking Flight" Painting
Scars of VeliousScars of Velious
EverQuest II 5th Anniversary PaintingEverQuest II 5th Anniversary Painting
A Pristine Broadcloth PaintingA Pristine Broadcloth Painting
Sylvan TriptychSylvan Triptych
A Pristine Canvas PaintingA Pristine Canvas Painting
A Norrathian Star ChartA Norrathian Star Chart