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My Tapestries and Banners! This album is now sorted by date added with the most recent being first.

Teal Batik TapestryTeal Batik Tapestry
Tapestry of the Magma HeartTapestry of the Magma Heart
Dark Sathirian TapestryDark Sathirian Tapestry
Arras of the AnarchsArras of the Anarchs
Maldura BannerMaldura Banner
Vibrant Bristlebane BannerVibrant Bristlebane Banner
Kelethin Royal BannerKelethin Royal Banner
Protectors of the Faydark BannerProtectors of the Faydark Banner
Tapestry of the DragonslayerTapestry of the Dragonslayer
an Erudite banneran Erudite banner
Vibrant Banner of the OverlordVibrant Banner of the Overlord
Vibrant Banner of AntoniaVibrant Banner of Antonia
Shredded Tapestry of the Ykeshan StrongholdShredded Tapestry of the Ykeshan Stronghold
Legacy of LavastormLegacy of Lavastorm
Tapestry from the Shard of LoveTapestry from the Shard of Love