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Moonlight Enchantments correspond with the New Moon I believe that usually occurs around the 20th of each month.

Enchanted Fay Grotto: Mintee Gathering SeedsEnchanted Fay Grotto: Mintee Gathering Seeds
Enchanted Fay Grotto Scenery-Oct2010Enchanted Fay Grotto Scenery-Oct2010
Darklight Wood Grotto Scenery-Oct2010Darklight Wood Grotto Scenery-Oct2010
Mysstie in Enchanted Fay Grotto-Oct2010Mysstie in Enchanted Fay Grotto-Oct2010
Mysstie in Enchanted Naiad Grotto-Oct2010Mysstie in Enchanted Naiad Grotto-Oct2010
Mintee's Moonlight OutfitMintee's Moonlight Outfit
Mysstie in Enchanted Brownie GrottoMysstie in Enchanted Brownie Grotto