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My mounts and their stats. I probably should have taken all these in the same zone under the same lighting conditions to show a better contrast between the different colors and textures of the mounts. Oh well LOL.

August 21, 2014: I feel I should break this album into different types of mounts but not sure how to organize them exactly yet.

June 25, 2011: It seems they raised the speeds of just about every ground mount. Most are now at a 130% run speed.

Occupied Spellbound BroomstickOccupied Spellbound Broomstick
Swift-Kicking Pedipowered LeaperSwift-Kicking Pedipowered Leaper
Flame-Branded HamadanFlame-Branded Hamadan
Gryphon of a Different ColorGryphon of a Different Color
Emeraldscale DrakotaEmeraldscale Drakota
Cerulean Cherub WingsCerulean Cherub Wings
Kristoph, the Purple DreadKristoph, the Purple Dread
Blightblaze FrightmareBlightblaze Frightmare
Tinkerer's Bulkhorn RunnerTinkerer's Bulkhorn Runner
Sableflame NightmareSableflame Nightmare
Nightfury GriffinNightfury Griffin
Ferocious Cool Mint Striped SteedFerocious Cool Mint Striped Steed
Augury Harbinger PatriarchAugury Harbinger Patriarch
Imperion, Harbinger of PowerImperion, Harbinger of Power
Augury HarbingerAugury Harbinger