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Snapshots of me or my alts fighting named mobs that are not part of a special event such as Frostfell.

Dannyca vs IronshellDannyca vs Ironshell
Dannyca vs Rear Commander GrokkDannyca vs Rear Commander Grokk
Dannyca vs Evigis the AncientDannyca vs Evigis the Ancient
Dannyca vs Mastermind Mon'TagorDannyca vs Mastermind Mon'Tagor
Dannyca vs Twiggle the DefiledDannyca vs Twiggle the Defiled
Mysstie vs Helvenn the BlightedMysstie vs Helvenn the Blighted
Mysstie vs Grand Shaman OllurnMysstie vs Grand Shaman Ollurn
Mysstie vs EcholisMysstie vs Echolis
Mysstie vs VenomwingMysstie vs Venomwing
Mysstie vs Ghost of the TundraMysstie vs Ghost of the Tundra
Mysstie vs a great icemawMysstie vs a great icemaw
Mysstie vs Shardtooth the OldMysstie vs Shardtooth the Old
Mysstie vs IncaelMysstie vs Incael
Mintee vs HatarMintee vs Hatar
Mintee vs an Albino ProwlerMintee vs an Albino Prowler