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Snapshots of me or my alts fighting named mobs that are not part of a special event such as Frostfell.

Mintee vs ManglerMintee vs Mangler
Mysstie vs Chief Ry'GorrMysstie vs Chief Ry'Gorr
Mysstie vs CrysallosMysstie vs Crysallos
Mysstie vs CrysallisMysstie vs Crysallis
Mysstie vs Ry'Gorr MortisMysstie vs Ry'Gorr Mortis
Mysstie vs Zalyn D'KilneldMysstie vs Zalyn D'Kilneld
Mysstie vs Firbrand of the BlackMysstie vs Firbrand of the Black
Mysstie vs Poxbreath of the YellowfangMysstie vs Poxbreath of the Yellowfang
Mysstie vs Captain FrozenshardMysstie vs Captain Frozenshard
Mysstie vs a Warwolf MatriarchMysstie vs a Warwolf Matriarch
Mysstie vs a Monstrous BeastyMysstie vs a Monstrous Beasty
Mysstie vs an enraged shadowbeastMysstie vs an enraged shadowbeast
Mysstie vs a great bone lichMysstie vs a great bone lich
Mysstie vs a materialized demonic entityMysstie vs a materialized demonic entity
Mysstie vs Kudzua the TormentorMysstie vs Kudzua the Tormentor