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Snapshots of me or my alts fighting named mobs that are not part of a special event such as Frostfell.

Mintee vs Nuckletrow in SteamfontMintee vs Nuckletrow in Steamfont
Mintee vs Shiculiant in SteamfontMintee vs Shiculiant in Steamfont
Mintee vs Haywire Opticron in SteamfontMintee vs Haywire Opticron in Steamfont
Mintee vs Scout PechyookaMintee vs Scout Pechyooka
Mysstie vs Seared Eyes AntherMysstie vs Seared Eyes Anther
Mysstie-vs-Brigand Bug TugMysstie-vs-Brigand Bug Tug
Mysstie vs Chief Gar'Nik in PoFMysstie vs Chief Gar'Nik in PoF
Mysstie vs Chief Char'Nik in PoFMysstie vs Chief Char'Nik in PoF
Mintee vs Overlord MarrowthroatMintee vs Overlord Marrowthroat
Mintee vs PicklenoseMintee vs Picklenose
Mysstie-vs-Gorfuzod the KeeperMysstie-vs-Gorfuzod the Keeper
Mysstie vs The Spectre of the FeerrottMysstie vs The Spectre of the Feerrott
Mysstie vs Windfeather in TSMysstie vs Windfeather in TS
Mysstie vs Warlord J'NarusMysstie vs Warlord J'Narus
Mysstie vs The OverseerMysstie vs The Overseer