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Images of my cloaks.

Ruthenium Cloak of the Great GearRuthenium Cloak of the Great Gear
Carbonite Cloak of the Great GearCarbonite Cloak of the Great Gear
Cloak of The Celestial WatchCloak of The Celestial Watch
Cloak of the FieldsCloak of the Fields
Storm Dragon Skin CloakStorm Dragon Skin Cloak
Veil of Molten RocksVeil of Molten Rocks
Withering Dreams CloakWithering Dreams Cloak
Shroud of Hidden HarvestsShroud of Hidden Harvests
Cloak of the Master SageCloak of the Master Sage
Cloak of the SisterhoodCloak of the Sisterhood
Koada'Vie Defender's CloakKoada'Vie Defender's Cloak
Cloak of the Dismal RageCloak of the Dismal Rage
Formal Cloak of the SageFormal Cloak of the Sage
Cloak of the SageCloak of the Sage
Winter's Deep Tartan CloakWinter's Deep Tartan Cloak