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Images of my cloaks.

Precipitate Drenched Drape of the SagaciousPrecipitate Drenched Drape of the Sagacious
Snowflake Patterned CloakSnowflake Patterned Cloak
Formal Cloak of the TailorFormal Cloak of the Tailor
Cloak of Bayle's AegisCloak of Bayle's Aegis
Cloak of the SpireCloak of the Spire
Cloak of GigglegibberyCloak of Gigglegibbery
Cloak of the Master JewelerCloak of the Master Jeweler
Hollow Cloak of the HedgeHollow Cloak of the Hedge
Ghoulish Night CloakGhoulish Night Cloak
Cloak of the Ancient ChampionsCloak of the Ancient Champions
Cloak of IrresistibilityCloak of Irresistibility
Mantle of the EcholisMantle of the Echolis
Commander's Ice MantleCommander's Ice Mantle
Brokenskull Officer's MantleBrokenskull Officer's Mantle
Regimental Cloak of DevotionRegimental Cloak of Devotion