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These are chest items that give the appearance of wearing a dress (on a female anyway) and generally over-ride anything else that you are wearing. Some of these might be multiple piece sets.

The Blush of WinterThe Blush of Winter
The Royal Lady's PowerThe Royal Lady's Power
The Fire Maiden's SultrinessThe Fire Maiden's Sultriness
The Night Raven's SheenThe Night Raven's Sheen
The Charisma of the Regal SirThe Charisma of the Regal Sir
The Sparkle of the Night SkyThe Sparkle of the Night Sky
The Virtue of the Regal DameThe Virtue of the Regal Dame
The Young Lass' AuraThe Young Lass' Aura
The Fire Maiden's EmberThe Fire Maiden's Ember
The Young Lad's ThrillThe Young Lad's Thrill
The Luck of the Moor LassThe Luck of the Moor Lass
The Sea Nymph's TemptationThe Sea Nymph's Temptation
The Luck of the Moor LadThe Luck of the Moor Lad
Her Night of the DeadHer Night of the Dead
His Twilight of the DeadHis Twilight of the Dead