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These are the various robes I have. Some are part of an armor set and some are individual items.

Bloodruned RobeBloodruned Robe
Bloodstained RobeBloodstained Robe
Netted RobesNetted Robes
Liandrin's Oracle RobeLiandrin's Oracle Robe
Erudite Robes of PowerErudite Robes of Power
Garb of the Elemental MageGarb of the Elemental Mage
Robes of ResearchRobes of Research
Stellar RobeStellar Robe
Blessed Sands Long Leather RobeBlessed Sands Long Leather Robe
Robe of Erudite GraceRobe of Erudite Grace
Savant's Phantasmic Silk RobeSavant's Phantasmic Silk Robe
Windwalker's RobeWindwalker's Robe
Crystallized Shadowsilk RobeCrystallized Shadowsilk Robe
Tunarian Ceremonial Officer RobeTunarian Ceremonial Officer Robe
Shiny Metallic RobeShiny Metallic Robe