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March 24, 2016: Well, after the latest character wipe, most of these outfits I no longer actually have. :( I have tagged the ones I do have with Have.

Like EQ2 I'm sure I'll be an outfit hoarder in Landmark as well. LOL. I'll try to include the side, front, and back views as well as the recipe needed for crafted outfits. Never did that for EQ2. Hmmm. I think for the color tags I will use "color-LM" so that it won't show the EQ2 and Landmark outfits using the same tag.

To see an alphabetical listing, look at My Landmark Outfits.

Holiday Sweater (Green and Tan)Holiday Sweater (Green and Tan)
Colonist's Flight Suit (Festive Blue)Colonist's Flight Suit (Festive Blue)
Colonist's Patrol Armor (Teal & Purple)Colonist's Patrol Armor (Teal & Purple)
Colonist's Skirmish Suit (White & Teal)Colonist's Skirmish Suit (White & Teal)
Gunslinger's Outfit (Light Blue)Gunslinger's Outfit (Light Blue)
Colonist's Elegant Robe (Teal)Colonist's Elegant Robe (Teal)
Traveler's Attire (Red)Traveler's Attire (Red)
Pathfinder's Gear (Red)Pathfinder's Gear (Red)
Year Zero Survivor's Outfit (Blue)Year Zero Survivor's Outfit (Blue)
Holiday Sweater (Brown and Green)Holiday Sweater (Brown and Green)
Skeletal Bodysuit (Orange)Skeletal Bodysuit (Orange)
Casual Victorian Apparel (Red)Casual Victorian Apparel (Red)
Colonist's Battle Armor (Black)Colonist's Battle Armor (Black)
Colonist's Battle Armor (Blue)Colonist's Battle Armor (Blue)
Colonist's Encounter Suit (Gold)Colonist's Encounter Suit (Gold)