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"A Quiet Harbor View" Painting"A Quiet Harbor View" Painting
"Baubbleshire" Painting"Baubbleshire" Painting
"Claymore Plaza" Painting"Claymore Plaza" Painting
"Claymore Plaza Remembered" Painting"Claymore Plaza Remembered" Painting
"Qeynos Gates Remembered" Painting"Qeynos Gates Remembered" Painting
Blue Canvas Oscillating KajiggersBlue Canvas Oscillating Kajiggers
Bug: Dark-Elf Arms Don't Align with Dress SleevesBug: Dark-Elf Arms Don't Align with Dress Sleeves
Carbonite Cloak of the Great GearCarbonite Cloak of the Great Gear
Celestial Watch Ceremonial CloakCelestial Watch Ceremonial Cloak
Cloak of the AuroraCloak of the Aurora
Cloak of the SagaciousCloak of the Sagacious
Craftkeeper's Disc of FlightCraftkeeper's Disc of Flight
Healer's Mantle of Orc SlayingHealer's Mantle of Orc Slaying
Myron's Combustible GearskifMyron's Combustible Gearskif
Myron's Energized GearskifMyron's Energized Gearskif